Monday, May 19, 2008


I lost a case today. Well. Sorta. I can't go into it.

I have something going on that I really wish I could blog about. But I can't. At least not for about 9 more weeks. Then I still don't know if I can or will. But for those of you who know me, IT might be over soon.

I can't really talk about my personal social life either. Mostly because I don't really have one. However, I can say this: More than two people have told me in the last 5 days that I am "difficult to be in a relationship with." weird, huh? don't i seem TOTALLY easy to get along with?

I have nothing to say, and I wish I had the energy to write my post on why I hate the HRC, because I really do, but I'm a little tired, and there's a good possibility I drank too much tonight. But the HRC does really suck. Like, alot.

Big congrats to Daisy and A-Hottie. Who graduated from law school yesterday.

Which reminds me of another post that I am looking forward to writing. It's about lawyers having our own official holiday. It will be called "Don't Shank a Puppy Day" I'll explain at a later date.

Oh! Thanks for all the book suggestions. I'm going with The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and Possible Side Effects, suggestions courtesy of Hellafied and Jane Know, respectively.

I'll follow those two up with Are you there vodka? It's me, Chelsea, Blind Fall and Kafka on the Shore. Oh, and the one with a Scott Rose based character. Oh, what the Scott Rose chapter would look like in MY book!!!!

The rest of the books on the list, I think I've read. All good choices, though.

My sister is making me go see Kenny Loggins with her.

That's really all I got.

Except, that I think it's really really cool when people write me and tell me to write something because they miss reading my blog. so, uh., sorry you're stuck with this post!

VCUGirl, you're so sweet that I'm gonna tell ArmyGirl to buy you a present!

Now I'm done.

I'll try to be better/smarter/funnier tomorrow.


eddie said...

Um. Well I have met you a big once, for all of a few hours, and I found you wonderfully easy to get along with. Obviously it would be hard to constitute that evening as a 'relationship', unless a 'relationship' these days involves sitting around a table with a great group of people, telling puppy stories, and handing out keys from a broken laptop keyboard as a dreadful excuse for gifts.

But if that is a relationship, then you're a lot of fun in relationships too. But I doubt that we can really define a relationship that way. Which is a shame. Hmmm, maybe I drank too much tonight too.

ArmyGirl said...

Just because you asked, VCUGirl is going to get a VERY special present. It will include bungee cords, a plastic tarp, my car and a long drive to NC. How great does that present sound?

Are you really going to see Kenny Loggins? The things we do for family...

anonymoushottie said...

If it helps, my family adored you. "Who was that nice girl in black? She was great!"
Oh, and my brother-in-law said to tell you that you were "absolutely right" on all counts about graduation. So you are smart and likable. But you already knew that.

Hellafied said...

Oooo oooo! My suggestion was chosen! How exciting...let me know what you think of the book.

VCUgirl said...

Thanks much armygirl!

ohmygosh, Possible Side Effects is amazing. But honestly, all of his books are. (in order) first is his memoir, Running With Scissors, Dry (2nd memoir... Can people do that?) then there are two short story books, Possible Side Effects and Magical Thinking. Both are amazing, funny and will totally resonate with you.
Read all of his books.
That was a lot longer than I intended.

Scott Rose said...

Haha! Love it! :-)

rem said...

Honey, c'mon.
difficult COULD be translated as "challenging." What's anything worth if you weren't challenged on the journey? I heart you all the time. even on the bad days. xo :-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the really the best. I only check in once in a blue moon, usually when I've had a bad day and just want something witty and smart to think about.

You have readers. Ever think about that? You have your blog you write, presumably a couple of MySpace pages (haven't actually checked, you just mentioned them in your post), a law degree, bar membership, friends, family, acquaintances . . . and readers who check in frequently and notice if you've not posted. Even though I've only been a once-in-awhile reder since last summer, my SO and I would be sorely disappointed if we came back and found nothing new. You make people think and smile. Quite a mark to make on the world.