Thursday, July 03, 2008

In Case Anyone Was Worried That My Life Was Getting Too Good:

Have no fear.

Last year, I tried to buy a condo. The deal fell through because I didn't have a job. Only a job offer, and no one wanted to give me a mortgage.

Well, the company wanted to sell me the condo anyway, figuring that once I pass the bar, and start my job with the government, I'll have no trouble getting a mortgage. So we decided on a rent to own situation. A VERY pricey rent to own situation.

Then (dun. dun. dun.) The mortgage crisis hits hard. And now I can't get a mortgage. And I just got a letter that I have to be out of my beautiful home in 30 days.

As if July wasn't going to suck enough.

I don't know what to do. So far, I think I am going to pretend it's not happening until after this thing I can't talk about is over in XX days. But if anyone happens to know of any kick ass rentals, feel free to let me know.

I swear, this month is making me wish it was last year and all I had was that pesky bar exam.



Fannie said...

Well that sucks.

Sorry :-(

I will keep my eyes peeled for rent signs.

eddie said...

As much as I don't live there (yet), I have become an expert in rentals, as it takes up 95% of my day to find us a place to live there by July 22nd. Ugh. Email me, let me know where you're looking, and I also know someone else who can help with your hunting.

The Artful Blogger said...

My brother's fiance's place is for rent as she moves to the suburbs before their marriage. It is in a high rise around Daisy's neighborhood; one BR/one BA, secure bluiding and a garage parking spot are included.

rem said...

You can have my place for a little while. I'm taking a chicago timeout and coming back when i damn well please. school and work can suck it. I'm not having fun. Time for me and the kids to hit the road. I'll give you a heads up when I'm on my way back. I'll leave the keys in the mail box.

Grace said...

Wow, REM. Must be nice to just pick up an leave. I miss those days.

Sticking it out is way overrated. I miss the days when I could just take off because things stopped being fun. Being a grownup sucks. You've definitely got the right idea.

Harmless Error said...

If you do decide to pick up and leave, you can always do a pit stop in the big apple.

Why can't you just keep renting it?