Thursday, July 24, 2008

NuvaRing COMING OUT everywhere!

So, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, because quite frankly, I don't know if anyone on the planet watches as much TV as I do. And even so, most people have Tivo and don't watch commercials anymore. I actually have Tivo, and am just so used to commercials I forget that I don't have to watch them.

ANYWAY, there's a new commercial out for NuvaRing, which allegedly is this birth control device that you only have to deal with once a month.

So here's the commercial: A bunch of cartoon women are all in matching swimsuits, all doing some sort of synchronized swimming or water ballet nonsense.

All of a sudden, one cartoon girl rips off her swimsuit and reveals a sexy little bikini. She then rips off her swim cap to reveal some seriously sexy cartoon hair. She grabs a drink off of a waiter's tray and saunters over to the jacuzzi.

A few minutes later, another girl breaks from the cartoon pack, shakes out her hair, trades in her boring suit for a hot one, and sidles up to the girl in the jacuzzi. They share some meaningful glances, and there's obviously some serious cartoon chemistry going on.

One by one, more and more girls jump out of the synchronized swimming, sex their cartoon selves up, and jump into the jacuzzi with the other hot cartoon girls. All coupled off, and standing awfully close to each other.

With no cartoon man in sight.

Now, I am sure that NuvaRing is a great product. I am sure that it keeps loads of women from getting pregnant when they don't want to.

All I am saying is that I think the reason these cartoon hotties aren't getting pregnant has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with NuvaRing... know what I mean?

PS. Is it wrong to be attracted to cartoon girls?


Justice Moustache said...

There's a long history of hot cartoon girls. Although I am being 100% serious in that statement, I really can't think of any right now. I'll be back.

Tim said...

I started asking myself that when I was 8 years old watching Betty Rubble on the Flintstones. Also, I think the entire nation of Japan answers "NO! There's nothing wrong with being attracted to cartoon girls!!"

Justice Moustache said...

Ahh, yes--Hentai girl much pretty, do what want you make anyfing for! She bad, need punish!!!

Mr. Middlebrow said...

Hi Grace,

longtime lurker; first-time commenter.

While we rank well behind the Japanese in unabashed cartoon-character lust, we Americans are no slouches. See, e.g., Betty, Judy, Josie and those hot Pussy Cats. As an astute and learned poet put it, "They make me horny; Saturday Morn'y; Girls of cartoons will leave me in ruins; I want to be Betty's Barney!"

The one caveat (and this is more for men) is being attracted to Bugs Bunny in drag. "Oh, did I hurt you with my naughty gun?"

N'yeah, what's up, Doc[tor Freud]?

Jane Know said...

lol, i know exactly what commercial you're referring to. but now i am going to watch it much more closely.

Random Esquire said...

Holy crap. I've never seen that commercial before. Of course, now I want to.

Jessica first cartoon woman crush.

toadely said...

I think I watch the Erin Esurance commercials with a little too much interest. Know what I mean?

Vernacular said...

Hey-ya, Grace!
Long-time stalker, first-time commenter.

I came across this New Scientist article about what everybody with full cranial function already knows: homosexuality is 100% natural. Scientists are certain that all kinds of animals are homosexual:

Ah, Galileo was mocked for proving that the solar system is not geocentric, and Wolfe is mocked for proving that monkeys can be queer. Tiiiny minds can't handle truth.

p.s. You go, Lesbian Grace, you go!