Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I feel so loved! No. Seriously. I do. My blog was set to "private" for, like 5 days, and I got text messages, phone calls, facebook messages, emails, etc... my favorite one by far coming from VCUGirl where she wrote

"Oh my god. Your blog is invited readers only, now? I'm devastated. Mostly because I'm not invited...Invite me or I'll sob."

Makes me think a couple of things. First, I definitely need to get out more. Second, VCUGirl needs to get out more. :-)

Sorry for the interruption. I was just having some privacy concerns. Kind of stupid to have privacy concerns when you have a public blog, even if you write under a fake name but still. The blog is, at least partially up, for now.

I started writing on this thing almost two years ago for a very different purpose. I had intended to write about serious topics that, as a result of recent events, had been heavily weighing on me. So, I set up my account, picked my template, and set forth to write about sad and angsty stuff. Well, that's not exactly what I ended up with as any of you who have been reading for a long time, know. But nonetheless, this blog has been a really fun distraction, and I'm glad so many people enjoy it. I hope I can keep it up.

Anyway, to all the people who emailed/texted/called, thanks. That was cool. Although, it kind of makes us all huge nerds.

So here's an update:

I took a personal day today. It's been a nervewracking few weeks, and today I am decompressing. Feels alright.

I found a place to live. And I totally love it. I really thought that anyplace I would move after my condo would suck, and would be a depressing reminder of something I failed at. Nope. My new place is flippin awesome. I can't wait to move in.

My stepmom just had all of her internal "lady parts" surgically removed yesterday. In typical Step-Mama Grace fashion, she didn't tell any of us until the day before. She didn't want anyone to worry. The surgery went fine, and she's recovering well.

My dog ate a whole bag of tortilla chips, and then maliciously cursed me out for not sharing my lean cuisine with her. She's just so abusive.

Everything else is fine. For now.

PS- BARTAKERS! Relax. You will all be fine.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad. I don't know you, therefore, I don't have your phone number, email address, so I couldn't even get myself "invited." I thought about posting a comment on one of the several blogs that has a link to yours, but decided that would be stalker-like. I'm sure I would have eventually decided I didn't care about the stalker-ness of it and done it anyway, but hopefully now I don't have to.

I visit daily and I really missed not being able to read the blog.

Oh, I'm just a law student that likes to drink a lot, so those are two of the reasons I started to read and continued to read in the first place. Nice to meet you.


Harmless Error said...

Thank god. I was going to email you to ask to be invited, but then I thought, well if she wanted me to keep reading she would have invited me already, and then I felt like a loser. Clearly I also need to get out more.

And if I ever decide to change the privacy settings over at Harmless Error I will invite you to be part of the club because, um, I'm pretty sure I have about five readers.

Also, a personal day sounds like heaven. Gotta get on that.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Grace! I, too, check in almost every day, and I was starting to go into withdrawals until I saw Daisy's explanation. I hope everything is well for you, and stays that way for a long, long time.

eddie said...

So glad to have you back - sorry we didn't get to see you this weekend, but in precisely one week we'll be moving there, so I'm sure it won't be long until we get to play again. Reading apartment woes just made me throw up a little, reminding me too much of my Worst. Monday. Ever. yesterday. But that's just 'cause I'm melodramatic. See you soooon.

vcugirl said...

OK, so I need to get out more. Whatever. I'm just happy you're back up and running again. I hope your downtime was exactly what you needed.
Welcome back, Grace. Your blog has been a fantastic distraction for me too.
I will now stop sobbing.

anonymoushottie said...

Yay you are back!
Come to my BBQ!
That's pretty much it. Oh, your pup can come too and play with Murph, so long as she doesn't eat my steak, that would be sad.

Grace said...

Aw! Again, thanks guys!

Tracy- I hope to be able to tell you someday just why I laughed my ass off at your comment... glad you're reading.

Harmless- I adore you. If I kept the privacy settings, of course you would have had the invite. You're, like my BFF that I've never met.

Anonymous, again, thanks. And thanks to Daisy and Fannie for letting people know.

Eddie- you KNOW that you and HASWOE et al will see more of me than you could ever want as soon as you live here. By the way, shoot me an email about where your new place is.

VCUGirl- I heart you so much!

A-Hottie- When and where, Sugar?

anonymoushottie said...

August 9th. 5pm. My place. I sent you a facebook evite, but I figured you hadn't checked it. Anyway, Namby and Daisy and Eddie shall all be there and you should be too. I throw excellent BBQs. If you are lucky, I may even make my signature punch. It's called "pink panty pulldown" and it is delicious. Yep.

April said...

I have to ditto the first anonymous. I visit regularly (although not always daily), but I have been even more so since your post about responding to bartakers & the comment that discussed a previous post to bartakers. I'm taking mine in February, but am already in panic mode, and your blog helped give a different perspective. Now I'm worrying less about the bar and more about making it out of my final term in the fall alive!! And after seeing what that's going to be like, I'm kind of looking forward to prepping for the bar!

Anyway, I'm glad you're back...and look forward to reading more.

obsquatch said...

I've never felt so unvalidated in my life. Thanks for ruining the one little spark of self respect I had by not allowing me, your future boyfriend, to read your blog for five days. You've got some damage control to do, lady.

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