Thursday, August 07, 2008

Long time No Blog

I HATE when I get into a thing where I don't write for several weeks. It's so much harder to start back up. Usually when I stop writing, it's because A. I'm traveling, or B. I'm sad, and feeling not funny. This time, I've actually got a decent excuse. I don't have internet in my apartment anymore, and since I think blogging from the workplace is likely not looked upon favorably, I can only post when I'm at a cafe with wi-fi. When I move at the end of the month, I'll have it again. And I really hope I can write more regularly, because it's fun. But anyway, here's an update of thoughts in no particuilar order.

1. I'm still really excited about my new place. I don't want to say much about it, you know, privacy and all, but one thing I will say is it's a coach house. And I thought coach houses were like garages. But they're not. They are really fucking cool. Well, mine is.

2. I have had people staying with me at my house almost every single night for the last week. And this weekend it continues. With my dad staying with me.

3. That awful thing that was supposed to happen one day in July, didn't happen. Am I relieved? No. It's still going to happen. Just...later.

4. Someone recently said to me "You're like this nordic loner, who would be completely content living alone in some ice hotel ordering herring for one from room service every day for the rest of your life." It's oddly flattering.

5. Oh! Congrats to Daisy, Scarlett and Anonymous Hottie who took the bar last week.

6. Congrats to Eddie and HASWOE who just moved to this fair fucking city.

7. I'm watching a movie right now starring Matthew Perry and he's playing the same role as Michelle Pfeiffer did in Dangerous Minds.

8. Which brings me to another point. Why is it necessary that in EVERY movie that involves inner-city youth, a teacher has to "connect with the students" by playing double dutch??

9. For those of you who live in Chicago, go get some freakin culture and go see "On an Average Day" at the Victory Gardens Theatre. Seriously. It's fantastic.

I'll write more later.


eddie said...

Thanks, Grace - looking forward to finally seeing you again on Saturday, and you'll finally get to meet the infamous HASWOE . . .

Harmless Error said...

a. I love winter.
b. I'm a loner.
c. I don't like herring, but I'm pretty sure we're still MFEO! (made for each other, in teen-speak).

Scott Rose said...

Can somebody please buy Grace an iPhone, so she can blog from the train, the coffee shop, or the bathroom at work?

And Grace, you can do it all with or without WiFi, since it'll use your cell phone signal for the Internet if WiFi isn't available.

Having an iPhone on the train would be particularly effective for insta-blogging of the loud talkers series. :-)

Bar Daze said...

oooooh, yeah. iPhone or Instinct either one -- little youtube video shorts, the 'loud talker series'. Sign me up!