Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Isn't So Bad

Just kidding. She's a fucking trainwreck and she IS that bad and yes, I hate her. Ok. Hate is a little strong of a word. It's more, it's pretty much hate.

I know that me blasting Palin is a little...well...obvious, so I'll try and keep this brief.

I just have to say something about the newest little gem we've learned about her, and what exactly does and doesn't matter to this disaster of a human being.

Rape victims in the city of Wasilla where Palin was the mayor, have to pay for their own rape kits.

Sweet. Nice fucking lady, right?

Obviously, as the owner of a vagina, I find this practice to be absolutely reprehensible. It's disgusting, and unfair and insulting. And unforgiveable.

But have no fear! The Palin camp has an excellent reason. Wait for it... wait for it... wait for it....

Palin, like, totally didn't know!

Phew! I thought it was something serious. Now that I know that the mayor of a town is excused from the practices of that town if it's because it's stuff she just totally didn't know about. OK now I think she's TOTALLY qualified to be vice-president. Super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Ugh. I HATE her.


Harmless Error said...

See. We ARE soulmates. When I read that CNN article today I could barely finish my lunch.

Anonymous said...

You are just another idiot liberal bitch.

Why don't you get off your fat ass and do some research?

Maybe Palin really didn't know. Ever think of that?

Grace said...

oh my GOD, Anonymous!

My ass is not fat.

Anonymous said...

I love when anonymous assholes stalk blogs to make asinine comments like that. Anonymous commenter 201019221, you are just another anonymous idiotic asshole!!

Sidenote, Grace's ass is definitely not fat and her job requires much research, unfortunately, the focal point of that hard work is better spent on individuals other than Palin and her hopeless excuse of a campaign...

eddie said...

Grace, Grace, Grace . . . I've not known you for too long, but still I like to consider you as a good friend. But I have to strongly disagree with you here.

OK, OK - I'm just kidding too. Palin is one of the most disturbing picks for VP candidate that I could ever imagine - more disturbing than if they picked me, and you know how bad that would be.

Although Anonymous does have a point - there's a really good chance that Palin wouldn't have known about something quite so controversial as forcing the victims of rape to pay for their own investigation kits. 'Cause, you know, when you're mayor of a city as large as Wasilla (and we're talking 7,000 people here - that's like almost as many people who sit in the club seats at a Bears game), how can you know everything that's going on with a crowd that size? How??? It's very tough keeping track of things like that - good thing she won't have as many people to deal with if she gets this new job she's going for.

Although, I can't agree with Anonymous's comments about your ass - it is actually very nice indeed, and not fat at all.

Still though, Palin For President:

The Namby Pamby said...

Grace, Oh Grace. I do strongly disagree with you.

Not in the Anonymous "I'm a douchebag that can't coherently form a logical argument sort of way" nor in the Eddie "tongue in cheek but I'm actually joking" sort of way. Just the actual disagreement sort of way. I'll save my thought out disagreement with you for our in person drinking times.

One other thing, your ass: not fat.

Rachel said...

okay, first of all, anonymous is a douche, and grace has a great ass. secondly, sarah palin must renounce her vagina immediately. what a joke that she didn't know about the rape kits -- how many people are in that town, 10? secondly, she cut funding for a home to care for teen mothers. third, she left her town in astronomical debt. and she doesn't believe in EVOLUTION!!! i'm sorry, but what's next, the earth is flat? and bad enough that she believes this but wants "creationism" taught in public schools!! could someone just please come out and say, she is dumb as a box of rocks. miss teen south carolina has more to say on foreign policy. please, for the love of god and all that is, in fact, evolution: find peace with the fact that she's hot and at the same time, not qualified to manage a mcdonalds.

Daisy Duke said...

Dear Anonymous: As one author on the topic regarding the victim-funded rape kits in Wasillia noted that considering Wasillia was the *only* town vigorously fighting the State legislature regarding the kits (i.e. a bill that required the townships or villages to pay for the kits) I have a hard time believing that the Chief of Police of Small-Town Wasillia was fighting this all on his own. And even if it was a one-man brigade, you must truly be delusional if you don't think that Palin as least had a glimpse of the argument/fight. In a town like that, her office was probably across the hall or street from his. So the "she didn't know about it" is a tough argument to swallow.

Fannie said...

Hey anon, maybe Palin did know. Ever think of that?

anonymoushottie said...

OK so this rape-kit debacle was up on Feministing awhile ago and it seemed quite clear that she did know about/approved charging rape victims for these kits. I wonder if she charged the victims of other violent crimes for subsequent investigations? Methinks not.

She also fired someone who took it upon himself to ask for funding to prevent sexual violence. I believe the rape kit funding mess has since been addressed, but the point is that this person who has no compassion for the plight of others and who is a total dolt could be our next VP. And that is awful.

Mr. Saddle Shoes said...

Let's look at this from Sarah Palin's narrow and idiotic point of view, just to be fair:

Sarah Palin opposes abortion in all cases except to protect the life of the mother; she explicitly stated in her ABC interview that rape victims should bear the children to term.

In my opinion, Sarah Palin thinks the failure to procreate is the great crime in our world; above all else, we must have children.

Therefore, in her worldview, a rapist is not a criminal, but a public servant who is trying to fill unused uteruses with future republican voters. Why would she support any action by her administration to harm someone she believes is aiding the world?

After all, we need so many more children right now in this world of plentiful resources that God wants us to consume.

And that last child of hers is going to be so helpful in supporting her family as they retire.

you know who said...

I have a question: do victims of other violent crimes get their hospital procedures paid for?

Of course a rape kit is not really a procedure in the same way that getting stitches or mending a broken bone is, but they are sort of similar in that both are fairly mandatory when a patient goes to a hospital having suffered a violent crime.

So, are other procedures paid for?

Grace said...

You know who:

I think that's a comparison of apples and oranges.

A rape kit is used to collect forensic evidence. It's not "treatment." It's not a hospital procedure. It's an investigation procedure.

However, there are programs for all kinds of violent crime victims which help defer the costs associated with the crime. I don't know many details. But I know the programs exist.

Grace said...

And I guess I should be clearer about my overall point. It seems pretty clear that she did know. HOWEVER, "SHE DIDN'T KNOW" should not be an acceptable excuse. There might have been some weird reason. IE it was part of some crazy omnibus legislation or something. That would be a better excuse than she didn't know. That's an acceptable excuse for ten year olds. Not government leaders. And that goes for all of them. Just just Palin. Even though I hate her the most.

Daisy Duke said...

A rape kit exam is the same idea as dusting for fingerprints, doing a DNA analysis of blood found at a crime scene or comparing ballistics in weapons found at the scene of a crime. If you got a bill for those things, how angry would you be? A rape kit is the exact same thing. If a man is assaulted and has physical evidence on his face where he was hit (a fingernail, an imprint of a ring) we would charge him for collecting & analyzing it? I think not.

Anonymous said...

And tonight, in the VP Debate, she used the term in reference to . . . . umm, not-a-rape, so that told me that despite being a reasonable intelligent woman (which she must be to have the reasonable measure of accomplishment that she does) . . . she is now willing to say whatever the speech-writer feeds her because 'that is part of the campaign' . . . otherwise, a truly strong woman/person/leader would have read that line and been willing to stand up to it --- "no way, you chose me because I am a woman/mother/conservative/everyman/woman . . . it is unthinkable to use the term 'rape' for a political issue merely because it is an attention-grabber - I refuse"

She did not. That, more than anything else, tells me that she is in no position to lead. Doesn't that essentially make her 'Bush lite" ?

rem said...

wait. some asshole called you fat. that's super messed up!