Monday, September 15, 2008

Spotlight on Daisy

Daisy, from the always charming Legally Blonde Ambition, and I, in an effort to cure our respective writer's blocks, decided to interview each other. She asked me some questions, and I asked her some questions. Here's what she had to say:

1. Grace: When & why did you start blogging?

Daisy: I have a private blog with my best friends from college. And I started just writing on it every day, sharing my inane thoughts & they politely put up with me. I finally determined their kindness was not in fact endless, and I began to subject myself upon the world.

2. Grace: What is the first blog you read?

Daisy: To be honest it wasn't a "blog"- but when I was in college I worked for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and a lot of the patients (whom I had met) had Caringbridge websites authored by their parents. They are sort of like blogs, even if the purpose is different (i.e. to keep friends & family updated on their child's cancer treatment). Anyway, as some of the kids either went into remission or became angels, their parents switched to blogging & they were such good writers, I kept reading on their new websites. And it snowballed from there.

3. Grace: I know you've lived in a lot of different states, (and countries?) Let's have the list.

Daisy: Spokane, Washington. Mountain Home, Idaho. Phoenix, Arizona. England. Yorktown, Virginia. Montgomery, Alabama. Phoenix, Arizona (again...). Germany. Salt Lake City, Utah. New Orleans, Louisiana (home is where the heart is...). Dallas, Texas. Chicago, Illinois. I consider New Orleans to be "home".

4. Grace: Why did you want to go to law school?

Daisy: Honestly? Because I couldn't pass chemistry and I knew I needed a graduate degree to afford to eat. (Probably the 'natural knack' for reading & writing played a part, but in all honesty, it was that fateful day of dropping chemistry to avoid a "fail" on my college transcript)

5. Grace: You've just won the Academy Award. Let's hear the last line of your acceptance speech.

Daisy: This award is in honor of every child who has bravely fought pediatric cancer- may you too have your moment on the stage of the world.

6. Grace: If you went blind, what would you miss most?

Daisy: My sight. I kid, I kid. Probably the view of downtown Chicago from Lake Michigan at sunset. Breathtaking.

7. Grace: Where did you and BISMOW/Wayward Esquire meet?

Daisy: In the lounge of our law school, introduced by Ms. Scarlett O'Hara herself.

8. Grace: Were you the teaser or the teasee in elementary school?

Daisy: Depends on where I lived. Honestly, I've been on both sides, and I can readily admit that bullies suck and should have rocks thrown at them.

9. Grace: What is your dream vacation spot?

Daisy: Of places I have never been, Tahiti. I salivate at the thought of going there. Of places I have been, Italy. Oh how I adore Italy. Pizza! Ruins! Romans! Naples! Wine! Tuscany! The Pope! Venice! Wine!! More wine!! Florence!

10. Grace: If you were in a plane crash, and you were the only living person, and you HAD to resort to cannibalism, what would you tell the families of the victims that you ate?

Daisy: Donner, Party of 10.

*** Questions 11 and 12 and 13 involve the game "Do, Dump, or Marry" AKA "Fuck, Marry, Kill" I'll give you the name of three people, one of them you have to have sex with, one you have to marry, and the other you have to either dump or kill, depending on which version you choose to play.

11. Grace: Halle Berry; Gwyneth Paltrow; Jennifer Lopez

Daisy: Halle: Do. Gwenyth: Dump Jennifer: Marry (hello private jet!)

12. Grace: Justin Timberlake, Kiefer Sutherland, Rob Lowe

Daisy: Justin: Marry. Kiefer: Do. Rob: Dump

13. Daisy: Justice Scalia, Justice Breyer, Justice Ginsberg

Daisy: Justice Scalia: Dump (He was mean to me when I met him) Justice Ginsberg: Marry. I heard her speak a few weeks ago, and awww. Justice Breyer: Do. He's cuter than Tony

14. Grace: You have to give up alcohol, shoes, or red meat? Which do you choose?

Daisy: Um. BISMOW informed me alcohol. He is probably right.

15. Grace: What celebrity do people most tell you that you look like?

Daisy: Tie, between Kate Winslet and Kate Hudson. Weird, I know.

16. Grace: Best gift you ever gave?

Daisy: I found my parents a first edition of The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay when I was 14 years old. Lets just say that Christmas morning was fan-fucking-tastic.

17. Grace: You go on a roadtrip- what are the 5 things I would definitely find in your car.

Daisy: Smart Water. Country & Dave Matthews CD's. M & M's. Orbit Gum. iPhone + charger

18. Grace: What are you scared of?

Daisy: My Mom getting sick and my Dad's plane crashing. And Bismow's sense of organization.

19. Grace: What needs to be invented that would make your life easier?

Daisy: Tele-transport. Beam Me Up Scotty! And a machine to add an extra few hours in the day. The things I could get done.

20. Grace: What's your favorite thing about Grace?

Daisy: If Grace counts you on her list of friends, she will be an unwavering advocate on your behalf, come rain, shine or hell & highwater. Seriously, you could NOT ask for a more loyal friend. Oh yeah, and she's hot.

21. Grace: If you could wear one designer, from head to toe, for the rest of your life, who would it be? (Sorry I know this was your question, but I really like it and want to know your answer)

Daisy: Carolina Herrara. Her clothes ooooze sophistication.

22. Grace: Favorite movie. You can list three.

Daisy: Top Gun. Saving Private Ryan. Dumb & Dumber.

23. Grace: You wrote a week ago or so about regrets. Let's hear about something you got absolutely dead on right.

Daisy: Kissing BISMOW even though I was terrified it would ruin our friendship.

24. Grace: Last stranger you yelled at?

Daisy: Um. Well. Define 'stranger'. I recently lost it at an independent medical exam when the "independent" physician was a raging asshole to both myself & my client. I believe he told me I was out of line (for telling my client not to answer a question that was inappropriate!) and I told him he was out of line & lacked basic respect. And when he said he was sorry at the end, I told him not to apologize for something he wasn't sorry for simply because it became awkward. Pretentious asshole made it clear I was young and woman, and therefore nothing in his eyes. I hope he depends on a young woman to save his ass one day, and that I never ever come across him in court. I will crush him like the tiny turd-faced bug that he is.

25. Grace: Bam. You get a do-over. What's your new profeesion and location?

Daisy: New Orleans. Restaurant owner. Something delicious & quaint, filled with locals, an excellent wine cellar, good smells, well-mixed drinks and one hell of a brunch menu.

Thanks Daisy!! You are awesome!!

For my answers to Daisy's questions, check out her blog.


Daisy Duke said...

So. I guess that physician at the IME made me really mad.

anonymoushottie said...

You didn't say magic wand for best invention???