Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans Day

Today is Veteran's Day, and I want to take a moment and thank my favorite veteran for her service in the armed forces. Army Girl, as she's called on this blog, was (duh) in the Army for like 12 years. She did a bunch of amazing stuff. She travelled to amazing places, and fought for this country with bravery and patriotism, and a genuine desire to make the world a safer place.

Army Girl inspired her troops, inspired her colleagues, and loved every minute of her service in the Army.

Army Girl and her fellow soldiers put their lives on the line to protect our "freedom"

Army Girl got hurt while she was there, a couple of times kind of seriously. She never backed down, though. She's a bad ass.

Army Girl, to this day, loves the army more than anything. I've listened to her for hours telling story after story of her amazing experiences in the army. Not one of which, I might add, had anything to do with macking on chicks.

You see, Army Girl was kicked out of the Army for being gay. For no other reason than that. It's totally unfair. And it MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. But I'm not going to say anything bad about the military today. Because Army Girl wouldn't like that.

Today, everyone should thank the veterans in their lives. And while you're at it, feel free to thank Army Girl, too.

I love you, Army Girl! Thanks for protecting America. Sorry America didn't protect you back.

Oh, and Army Girl? Please stop trying to get me to eat spam. It's never going to happen. Just accept it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Army Girl.

Thanks, Dad.

The Artful Blogger said...

Thank you, Army Girl. You and your fellow soldiers made all of our freedoms that we enjoy possible, and I hope that MORE freedom will be possible in the future.

Thanks, also, to Papa Duke (father of Daisy) and to Xander's big brother for your service to our country.

Minnesota P.D. said...

Thanks Army Girl. And thanks to my grandfather who served in World War II.

Fannie said...

Thanks Army Girl!

p.s.- spam is gross.

ArmyGirl said...

What a wonderful Veteran's day message!! Thanks, Fruitloop (aka Grace). Love you, too.

People often ask me why I joined the Army and then why I stayed. The best example I can provide is that in 1995 I was deployed to Bosnia. I saw thousands of graves filled with the victims of ethnic cleansing. Suddenly, my sexual orientation seemed a small matter. My gun seemed like an instrument to protect those who could not protect themselves. My sacrifice seemed small compared to the sacrifice of the Bosnian people.

As time passes, I never regret my service but I do miss the friends I've lost in THIS war -- they all have a name, vivid face, personality and story in my life.


Heather Cunningham

Cornell Gilmore -

I am very grateful for all of the people that came before me (Grandaddy, Dad, Uncle [he stormed the beaches of Normandy -- so cool], Great Grandad and VCUGirl's Dad) and those that still serve (way too many to name).

Grace, the word "never" doesn't exist in the Army vocabulary....sneak attack.

Grace said...

Oh, Yeah...Thanks to my own dad, who fought in Vietnam. He flew those airplanes that landed on the aircraft carriers.

vcu girl said...

Thanks, Pops. You're amazing. No matter how many times you tell me a story and insist you've never told me before.
Thanks Army Girl, for insisting to my Dad that he has, in fact, told the story 8 million times and he needs to check his meds.
Thanks for being amazing. I<3 my vets.

Kelli said...

I just saw the comment you left on my blog on Veteran's Day. For you it was a National Holiday. For us it was truly an excuse for our owner probably to go hunting.

But, that said, what did you think of the last book? I wanted to barf. All's well that end's well. The whole "imprinting" I saw a mile away and wanted to burn my book when I realized I wasn't delusional but that it actually happened. So. Not. Cool.