Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And The Weather, by Weather Girl Grace...

It's cold.

It's "your toes are going to be wet and numb all day" cold.

It's "be scared to drive" cold.

It's "what the fuck were you thinking moving back to Chicago from glorious Los Angeles?" cold.

It's "why even bother?" cold.

It's "you're going to die, cold, broke and alone" cold.

It's "of course your dog peed on the floor" cold.

It's "of course your hand slipped and you broke your second to last wine glass" cold.

It's "I am definitely in god's blind spot"cold.

It's "is there even a god?" cold.

It's "the holidays are right around the corner" cold.

It's "it's so cold but still going to get even colder and I don't know how in the world I will ever survive" cold.

It's "I regret all of my life choices" cold.

It's "why even try?" cold.

It's "why does anyone voluntarily live here?" cold.

It's fucking cold. Really really fucking cold.

The end.


Thinking Fool said...

Cold and snowy, I don't mind.
Cold and rainy, like today's weather in the nation's capital, UGH!
Hope Chicago warms up.

five tomatoes said...

I had the exact same thoughts today. It took me an hour to get home today and I just couldn't get warm!

Scott Rose said...

Get an iPhone, put on a bikini, and get your sexy ass back out here to Los Angeles! :)

rem said...

i still like my buy a place in tuscany and turn it into an inn, idea. i told you that you're invited.

Anonymous said...

Poor Grace!

Are you ok? You need a vacation.

ArmyGirl said...

It's 80 degrees in Costa Rica and they sell machine guns in the Nicaraguan markets. VCUGirl said I couldn't buy one. Life is good!

Ed Desquidvic's said...

It's 85 degrees and sunny, with a light breeze. I am holding a margarita in my left hand and the tight ass of a Bahamian deckhand in my right.

Life is good. In my head.

Harmless Error said...

"Of course your dog peed on the floor" cold. HAHAHA. Been there. Like, last night. Little fucker.

Twin-ness! I must visit Chicago. When it's above freezing.

rem said...

Jesus. Somebody tell a joke.

mitsi beaverlick said...

you know...you REALLY make me smile on a daily basis. thanks for that. and when can we get together to catch up? and of course by that i mean sit down together and drink copious amounts of wine and just be silly!? please call or write :)