Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, I don't know why we decided to do this, and I don't know what we will really gain by doing this, and most of all, as midnight approaches, I don't know that I can even do it...but here's the plan.

Squid and I, over drinks last week (duh.. who would decide this sober), decided that Monday would be our technology free day. No phone. No TV. No internet. No text messaging.

The phone thing isn't really going to be a problem for me, considering my phone is broken, but STILL... I can't get it fixed tomorrow, unless someone else tests it to make sure it works.

It's going to be interesting. No reading my emails, no reading your comments, no catching up with the news, or blogs, or the weather... it's making me itch just thinking about it.

The only exception is that we can be on Lexis, because well... that's a major part of our work right now. And the experiment isn't how to suck at our jobs.

Wish us luck. I am going to keep notes, and hopefully Squid will, too. We shall post our results on Tuesday or something. If we don't die.


rem said...

what are you trying to prove?!

follow the yellow brick squid said...

Dear rem,

With Grace's permission, I am fielding your question.

First and foremost, Grace and I are embarking on this journey to prove our own staminas, or lack thereof.

Second, were are tried and true lunatics. It follows that we may simply have crafted an experiment out of what may well be a mere lack of focus and drive. Or, more simply, throwing some frosting on a heap of shit and calling it dessert.

Tangentially, I like to think of our impromptu journey as a personal renaissance. A rehab of the mind. A glorious devolution back to the days of yore, when our attention spans were, ostensibly, thriving and ebullient as the winter is cold.

Perhaps next week we shall, emboldened by the experience, explore our renaissance to its fullest. Write letters to old friends! Check our email once, at the end of the week! Skip the new episode of Top Chef and read a book!

The possibilities are endless, but for now, we will need your prayers.

Daisy Duke said...

Good luck. I could never do it. Bismow fondly refers to my pre-iPhone days as being "just the two of us."


Anonymous said...

echoing rem...why WHY!?