Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Squid's Away Message: Flossin' a Benz on rims that isn't stolen...

2:50 PM Grace: what the fuck does that MEAN?

2:51 PM Squid: so much

2:51 PM Grace: whatever you're too cool for me. i don't care

2:52 PM Squid: it's a line from Tupac's "Picture me Rollin"

Grace: hmm.

Squid: and it means he actually has the money to buy rims for his benz, he is not just fronting like he has money, driving on stolen ones

2:53 PM Grace: that's like, the last thing to brag about.

Squid: rims?

Grace: not having to have stolen ones.

2:54 PM Squid: oh
right well, it's only the last thing to brag about if you can brag about it

Grace: sorta like saying "I don't even have an STD" is still saying you're kind of a slut.

2:55 PM Squid: maybe a little different, because with the rims, it'd still be kinda cool to have em if they were stolen, unlike the std

Grace: oh. see i was not aware of that.

2:56 PM Squid: well ultimately, yeah, you've still got your rims
with the std it's like oh, i'm a slut AND i have an std. great.

2:58 PM Grace: it's the way that the line of thinking goes. I think it suggests low self esteem, like, if you're so great that you have a benz, shouldnt you have it GO WITHOUT SAYING that you can afford rims?

2:59 PM Grace: or maybe I'm just bothered because "Flossin' a Ford Explorer" sounds gay, and not in the good way.

3:00 PM Squid: well that's the point
you wouldn't be flossin a ford explorer, unless maybe you were 16 and it was brand new
and the sad part is that flossin a benz doesn't always mean you dont have to steal the rims
you could be leasing your benzo for $300/month

3:02 PM Grace: you can lease a benz for 300?

3:03 PM Squid: less, probably


Fightin I said...

I like your squid. She's pretty funny.

Grace said...

She is pretty funny. She's also hot.

Squid: the other white meat said...

Oh Grace, you're too good to me. I wish we had met 10 years ago. And for the record, you're way hotter. Need I remind you, my male counterparts won't come near me with a ten-foot tentacle.