Monday, July 06, 2009

Dear My Female Friends in Chicago,


Stop getting in cabs by yourself. Especially if you've been drinking.


The next time you are ever inclined to say "Oh my god, Kristi is SOOO wasted!! Let's just put her in a cab and send her drunk ass home." Think twice. You are putting a woman, ostensibly, YOUR FRIEND in a situation where no one can protect her. It's her against the fucking cabdriver. The cabdrivers in this city are never held accountable. Neither are the cab companies. Think about it... would you let some random dude at a bar take your friend home? NO!! But you'll let a cab driver?


If you have friends in from out of town, and they need to get a cab after leaving a bar, GO WITH THEM.


If something doesn't feel right, it's probably not. And even if you're wrong, WHO FUCKING CARES? At least you acted in the interest of protecting yourself.

I don't know what the solution is. I think the bus, maybe. Chicago cabs are just not safe. They just aren't. They are most certainly not the safe haven solution we assume they are. those days MUST be over.

This was in the news today. And I can't get it out of my mind.

I fucking hate people.


Dysfunction Junction: said...

Yeah, I saw that yesterday...I thought of you.

That's all I got. How are you doing?

rem said...

spread the fucking word. and let the cab driver know that you don't trust him and that you're watching his fucking ass. then call your friend and say, "hey. tina? yeah. i just got in flash #1234. Male. Mid 30s. Medium skin tone. bald. ok. thanks. call you when i get home."

Overflowing Brain said...

It scares the crap out of me.

And you just opened the crap out of my eyes. Because I'm coming to Chicago in July and will be drinking and needing to get back to Daisy Duke's house. I think the bus sounds like a superb idea.


Goddamn it.

Anonymous said...

I really wish you prosecuted these types of asshats.

If I ever come back to Chicago we're going out for drinks. And no one takes a cab home alone.

Jax said...

I'm sending that article to my friend who lives in Chicago... I almost get mad at myself for how often I've trusted cabbies in my past.

Legally Fabulous said...

That's why I ALWAYS take the bus home when I have the option. The El in this city is just too sketchy.

At least I know when I'm coming home from downtown and going way way north in Lakeview, where I live, there is a bus driver who (supposedly) knows what's going on.

I personally think that the El is wayyyyy too sketchy. You are underground, your cell phone doesn't work, and there is no one other than yourself around.
It's so scary.

The scariest part about this is pouring myself and all my girlfriends into cabs and assuming that everything is going to be okay.
Because it's never okay.
I hate hate hate HATE this for everyone.
I hate criminals.
Why can't we all just be safe?!

Daisy Duke said...

I'm a big advocate of taking the bus in Chicago- well lit & you are in the same "space" as the bus driver should some start harassing you.

When I take a cab by myself after drinking I text who I'm with my cab # and then later when I get home. If they don't hear from me after a reasonable amount of time, they can call the cops with the cab #. Better than nothing?

Overflowing Brain, I'll be happy to give you the bus routes that go by my house!

Colby said...

It is certainly an anomaly that we would never get in a car with a strange man, and yet somehow we've been conditioned to think that a yellow car with a light makes it safe and ok. It's beyond BS that this myth is perpetuated and I think you do an important thing here when you write about it.

Sam Sachs said...

Well this post certainly put me in an eternally shitty mood. Let's become night vigilantes who strike down sex-offending Chicago cab drivers, taking back the night one fucktard at a time. No spandex, though. I'm sensitive about my ass in tight clothing.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i don't know what the solution is either. maybe its the bus, or the el, or maybe the metra...

or maybe not just "getting wasted."


Rolling Bone said...

Anonymous would be so right, if it wasn't so damn hard to be a functional alcoholic without the alcohol component. I'll have to work on that one.

Anyway, people are such assholes. I never ride the El at night, no matter what neighborhood I'm in, but I definitely rely too much on cab drivers as opposed to the bus.

I think the solution, scarily, may actually be to not get wasted. Fuck. Losing control of my senses is so entertaining.

rem said...

i like sam's idea. i'll fake drunk and sleepy and ride in cabs on the weekend nights...just waiting to catch the fucktard pervert drivers. I've gotta do something with 20 years of martial arts training. though i'll need funding. i'm afraid i can't foot the bill for riding cabs all weekend.

Fannie said...

I saw that article too. I don't know what the solution is either other than telling all women to never take a cab by themselves.


I just ride my bike. Between the parking meter situation, Cub traffic, and fuckity fuckface cab drivers, biking is just way easier on so many levels.