Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Rather than talk about what I have been trying to talk about for several weeks on this blog, let's talk about my new venture.

I. Play. On. The. Office. Softball. Team.

Today, I did well. I hit what is called a "Lined Rive" and some guy, as a result of my "Lined Rive" scored a goal. And I got to second base. My teammates were surprised by my batting skills.

Then, I did not fail my team later. I told them that under no circumstances would I catch a ball that is flying at me in the air, however, I also told them that under no circumstances would I let that ball get past me. I was accurate.

Later, because my office is full of hilarious angry people, the guys almost got in a fight with guys from the opposing team. We totally would have won.

That's all I got. Trying to blog more... not every post is going to be a winner. Especially after post softball beer.


obsquatch said...

I hope that ball was punished for trying to get by you. If not caught and sentenced properly, then I hope it was in some dark interrogation room where you got to play good softballer / bad softballer. Kinda turns me on, all this talk of soft ball punishment. Wait, is that too creepy? I never know.

Anonymous said...

Can I call you Casey Novak now? I mean, she played softball and she was HOT.

Colby said...

I played softball once. I think when the shortstop passed me the puck, I scored a touchdown, but I'm not sure.

Yeah. I was never allowed to play that sport. Can't throw. Can't catch. When the work crew forms the softball team, I sponsor the Boosters - and by that, I mean I bring the beer.

Anonymous said...

FYI, it is "Line Drive" not "lined rive".

It is a hard hit ball, such that its path reminds one of a line.