Monday, September 07, 2009

Hi Bloggie!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I actually took a little vacation. Went to New York City for the U.S. Open. Learned that I don't hate tennis. Ate a ton of really good food at some totally fucking kick ass restaurants. Drank fantastic wine. Stayed at a ridiculously awesome hotel that I was completely not cool enough to stay at.

I want to be that annoying girl who writes all the silly little details of the things she saw and did, but I am too tired. So you can look forward to that post later.

I did almost punch someone. More on that later, too.


Nel said...

I NEED to know the punching story... ASAP!

Anonymous said...

omfg tell me the next time you come to my hood! (although i was on cape cod.)

- grace chu

Kelli said...

Can you change my link?

Oooooh so my friend from school "J" has read "Namby Pamby" since day 1 and I was like "OMG!" I told him to start reading you. I said you were awesome. Because you are.

The Grand Inquisitor said...

hmm just staggered over to your blog from somewhere (i can't remember where), love it. check mine out if you wish, we might have much to discuss.