Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear Illinois Bar Takers,

Actually, ALL bar takers:

Daisy just reminded me. This is either a really fantastic day for you, or a really fucking shitty day for you. Or, like me, you lost your anonymous exam number and had to sit around freaking out for five more days.

Leave a comment. Tell me if you passed or failed. I want to know. Pass or fail, I am rooting for all of you assholes.

For those that failed, you WILL be ok. For those that passed, enjoy this moment. And be sensitive to your friends who maybe weren't so lucky. Don't be an asshole know-it-all.


The Namby Pamby said...

I failed.

J said...

I passed!

Anonymous said...

Washington is not that efficient - we don't get our results until tomorrow. I'm trying not to think about it.

Anonymous said...

I failed and ohh yeah I want to die