Sunday, November 15, 2009

Delightful delicious rage

I had just finished telling my friend Obsquatch how I told a woman who honked her horn at me today that if she did it again, I would "FUCK HER UP." To make me feel better about my ragi-ness, he showed me the video he just made.

It fills me with joy. Thank you, Obsquatch. I hope you all enjoy it. A lot.


B-rett said...

Awesome! Was he really driving? Were you filming?

Grace said...

Yes. He was really driving. And no, I wasn't filming.

ChatTeaKathy said...

"LOL"ing right now.

Beth Dunn said...

I sued to have road rage-I moved and I think I outgrew it. xoxo


Cassie said...

Thank you! This made my day!

rem said...

watch it on mute. it's even funnier to watch his face and body.

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Chatty Fattie said...

Holy fucksticks, I'm in love with this man.