Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dance Moms, Weddings, and Babies.

Hi Blog!

I'm not really ready to start writing again, but I was looking for an old blog that I used to write on, and it was just gone. Like, it disappeared, and I was told that if you don't write, then Blogger just throws your blog away like a cheap hooker. And I would be really disappointed if that happened to this blog. Also I feel like if I am writing while watching "Dance Moms" then it's sorta like I'm not really watching "Dance Moms." At least I can't be held accountable for it. Like, if my husband comes home and asks why the fuck I'm watching "Dance Moms" I can act all horrified, and be all "oh my god, i can't even believe THAT'S on! I was blogging and totally not paying attention. 'Dance Moms?' Eww!!!!"

And yes. I said husband. I'm a married lady. My husband is awesome. We got married in April in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful people who love us. Literally the best day of my entire life. Here are some pictures of some of it...

Afterwards, there was this...

Playa Mujeres. Un-fucking-believable.

And of course, the only pictures that really matter...

Daisy took these two shots. Love her.

He's awesome. 15 months old today.

Ok, enough of the pictures. Back to Dance Moms. I took a vacation day tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a book review of THE WORST AND MOST DISTURBING CHILDREN'S BOOK EVER.


Husband: What did you have for dinner?

Grace: Sushi from the new sushi place.

Husband: What are you drinking?

Grace: The Beaujolais my mom gave us.

Husband: What are you watching on TV?

Grace: Ummm.... Nothing?

Husband: Are you too ashamed to tell me?

Grace: (silence)

And here's another picture of G...


Daisy said...

Bwahahaha. I loved your wedding but I love your little munchkin more. Glad to see you back around here. Lets do a "Stolen Lines" soon?

Colleen said...


And yes please to Stolen Lines if it gets you back

Butterflyfish said...

Speaking of blogs disappearing... I sort of wish this was true. This blog has been squatting on my preferred blog name with a *single* post dated 2005. STILL THERE!

Anonymous said...


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Wow, very cute baby pictures. They are wonderful to look at. Their eyes shows their childhood innocence and yearning for curiosity and exploration.